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At Nana's Table

At Nana's Table

SKU: 0001

Raised in Williamsburg, Virginia by her loving mother and grandparents, Monique learned at a young age the joy of food and family - a joy that shines throughout this cookbook as she brings recipes from Nana’s table to yours. To Monique, cooking for others is a true expression of her love and creativity, and she strives to make sure her food connects with people on a personal level as they spend time together making memories!  Her passion for cooking has been a lifelong journey, during which she has made plenty of mistakes and truly evolved as a cook and baker, all while drawing inspiration from her three wonderful children, the lasting memories of watching the way her grandmother could make magic in the kitchen, and her own creativity. The recipes in this unique cookbook are a true reflection of Monique’s kitchen philosophy - "don't be afraid to make mistakes. It is through those that we grow. Do what you love and it will shine through." So gather your family and roll up your sleeves - it's time to have some fun and make delicious memories!

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    At Nana's Table is available now. 

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